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Job Description

A House Manager, more traditionally known as a Butler, is required to take on the responsibility for the other household staff and carry out security, driving and hospitality tasks. 

Households are now looking for multi-skilled, practical individuals to fulfill their

household needs. A House Manager is required to be a confident leader, events organiser, and a personal assistant. 

The House Manager will take responsibility for overseeing the smooth running of large properties and residences. This can include organising maintenance, overseeing cleaning, liaising with third party workmen, event planning and administrative tasks such as accounting, negotiating fees and employing staff. 

Some House Managers will be required to manage multiple properties, including properties overseas and this may include commercial property. 

A lot of House Managers come from a commercial or hotel management background. 


Accommodation varies from role to role and House Managers could be housed on or near the property they manage - particularly if that property is abroad - or they could be required to source their own accommodation locally. 

Working Hours

Varies considerably from job to job, will always require a good degree of flexibility. 


Experienced House Managers can expect to earn from £2500 to £5000 net per month, sometimes higher. Packages can include accommodation and travel. 


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