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British Governesses are an incredibly traditional part of British History. 

Now sought after across the world, these highly educated individuals help with the learning and development of their charges. 

A British governess is a female employee, working for a private family, who teaches children within their homes - they often travel with the families they look for and have the initiative and flexibility to apply their lessons in all environments, from the playroom through to the deck of a yacht. 

Unlike a Nanny, Maternity Nurse or Baby Sitter, a Governess will concentrate on the education of the children in their care, rather than their physical needs (though in the modern household, they can be required to chip in when necessary. 

These Live In Teachers will take charge of school aged children, not babies and rarely toddlers. 

A Governess will often hold a relevant Bachelors degree and often a teaching qualification (such as a PGCE), she will usually have at least 5 years of relevant experience. 


A Governess should get, at minimum, her own bedroom and bathroom whilst at home with the family. 

Whilst travelling, she may be required to share a bedroom and/or bathroom with the child/ren she looks after. 

In many cases, particularly outside of the UK, a Governess / Teacher can be provided with accommodation separate from the family household, such as an annex, apartment or house. 

When living in the house with the family, a Governess should have their food provided by the employer, including on days off. 

Working Hours

A Governess can expect to work 8 - 10 hours per day, 5 days per week.


Governesses within the UK can expect

between £600 and £900 net per week

Governeses outside of the UK can expect to earn between £1000 and £1800 net per week, with a return flight each year to their home country and travel expenses (visa, medical etc) covered


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